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Rainbow Visions Video LLC.

Professional Digital Video Production Services

Photo Gallery

REC MAN Production Stills REC MAN Production Stills On the set 204248540 Maxx Out sound test AD Dan Lang tests sound 204248541 Preliminary Tests On the set prepping for a long day of filming! Dir. H. Wolfe 3 with Richard Mason as Steel 204248542 Lighthearted moment Ms Lovelady and actor Earnest Lee.. 204248543 The Gangs all here! 204248545 Setting up Shop H. Wolfe 3 & Dan Lang 204248547 Checking the picture AD Dan Lang checks picture. 204248544 Billburn and Brittney Brittney Marie as Baby Doll, Chocolate 204248548 Lawrence Billburn From scene in Rec man 204248550 Tamika Love From scene in Rec man 204248551 Steel and Athena Leaders of O.C.B. and the Baby Dolls, respectively. 204248552 Tamika Love looks like Tamika's in hot water! 204248553 Chocolate and Maxx Out From scene in Rec man 204248554 Steel and Athena From scene in Rec man 204248556 Light must be right! Billburn office scene in Rec Man 206423572 Baby Doll Angels? Baby Doll gang in classic pose! 206423573 Baby Dolls in Cruiser Baby Dolls arrive on scene in Impala Interceptor 206423575 Actors, Director, script supervisor H. Wolfe 3, Melanie Garcia King and Kevin Tate confer before big shoot. 206423576 Baby Dolls all smiles! Baby Doll Gang in feature film Rec Man! portrayed by actresses: Brittney Marie, Forresia Hood and Leslie Byrd. 206423578